Early Years

Early Years 2017-06-22T21:26:10+00:00

Our current Early Years programming will end this Summer and we will be launching a brand new program called ‘Bloom & Grow’ in Fall 2017

PURE Early Years classes aim to assist parents in providing the best opportunities for creative play, learning and expression. In the youngest of classes, parents participate right along side their child to facilitate positive, playful interactions.. Classes for Early Years students keep their age, development and abilities in mind and teaching is geared for their young and explorative selves.


Raindrops Dance (18months-3 yrs)
Sunbeams (3yrs)
Pre Combo Classes (4-5 yrs)

Early Years Dress Code:

Early Years dancers are required to wear form fitted dance clothing, Raindrops dance students wear ballet slippers or jazz shoes. Sunbeams classes wear ballet slippers. Pre Combo classes wear a combination